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A More Perfect Union, Corps is a DEI education and consulting organization. Our purpose is to build trust between and among ethnicities and to educate individuals about the diverse richness within all people.
Colleagues Working Together

All individuals belong to groups identified by ethnicity. Each ethnic group shares language, culture, and history. We believe that all ethnic groups are created equally endowed with gifts and talents that strengthen the tapestry of life. We do not believe in the concept of race. There is no scientific basis for race. It does not positively identify peoples nor does it offer any plausible definition for differences among individuals.


Our Company deems to offer everyone a rich understanding of ethnicity as we endeavor to dismantle the negativity and erroneous allegations the concept of race provided. Company Vision: Our vision is to educate individuals and groups about the concepts of racism, diversity, equity and inclusion while creating a corps of individuals who embrace our philosophy and values and choose to proliferate it.



1.    A More Perfect Union offers learning programs in diversity, equity and inclusion for schools, community organizations, neighborhoods, and small businesses.  Using cultural competency, relationship building, and anti-racism techniques we teach others to understand racism in this country and how to combat it. Racism in America has been a strong and ever-present force that must be dismantled. American systems such as education and neighborhood planning often use racial statistics to discriminate against those who are not in the white majority. Learning to appreciate all people but especially those who were seen as minority in America is what diversity, equity and inclusion teaches. A More Perfect Union is committed to this cause.


2.    Our service seeks to assist in solving the problem of racism in America as it rears its ugly head in our neighborhoods, schools, community organizations and housing. This is completed through workshops, conferences, and community meetings where participants learn about the problem of racism and the solutions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our service also provides ways this new knowledge can be applied to daily living which will contribute to positive changes within the community.


3.    Our proprietor has more than twelve years of experience working with individuals and groups around the subject of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This experience has allowed for the building of diverse relationships with many who are like minded and believe in the purpose of this organization. If you are a client of A More Perfect Union, perhaps you will have the good fortune of meeting those who support these beliefs and this organization.


4.    Pricing for these meetings, workshops and conferences vary depending on the size of the group expected to participate in the organizations offering.

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